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What a birthday!

I had a wonderful day yesterday, in fact, it was one of the best days of my life.

Woke up with a great breakfast delivery (see yesterday’s post), a morning phone call from my awesome Mom, followed by a call from my amazing Associate Partner, Kelli Smith.

I had lunch yesterday with our employees at Word Marketing,then had a great phone call with my friend Dan Forbes in Sarasota.

Ann Marie planned a party for me later in the afternoon. Although I smelled a rat, which I am very good at doing by the way, I played along like a good birthday boy should.

It was an amazing time at Bleu in downtown Columbia. And, yes, those who know me well know Blue is my favorite color. 🙂

(photo by Anne Churchill of AnnaBelle Events)

A heartfelt thanks to Ann Marie for putting everything together, our amazing employees at Word Marketing (Kelli, Kaitlin, & Bill) for support, and a wonderful speech by Anna Lawrence. Thank you to Caledon Virtual and our friends Michael & Nelly Roach for my birthday cake and balloons.

As you can see, my face survived the evening.

And finally, to all the amazing clients and friends who love me, who took time from their busy day to share a special day with me, I received some awesome cards and gifts, the greatest gift of all is the ability to look around the room and see so many people for you and who support you in life.

I don’t want to mention names of people who attended as I know I will leave someone out.

I finished the day off with a call from my Dad, my Father and Mother-in-law and lastly a great talk with my brother.

I will just say thank you to you all, it is one of the nicest days and most wonderful things ever done for me.

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