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What Is The Value In Networking?

For some, when you slightly mention the word networking, their stomach knots up and they get queezy.

For others, they get the “tried it and it didn’t work for me” look on their face.

The practice of networking certainly brings out the worst and best feelings in people. Some love it. Some hate it.

It’s primarily the meaning we have attached to the experience of networking or previous experience or perhaps a little of both.

Love it or hate it, strong networking practices are very valuable. They enable you to make connections, establish relationships and possibly friends for life, business partner or in many cases, customers.

“All things being equal people want to do business with their friends. All things being not quite so equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends.”-Jeffrey Gitomer

The truth is, most people who do not like networking probably have the value problem misplaced. It’s not that they do not see the value in networking, many times they simply do not value themselves or their offering. The attitude you maintain about yourself is the single most influential factor in your persuit of success.

What you believe about yourself and your future almost always comes true, no matter what it is. So, how can you begin to value yourself and value networking as a practice to get you, your career or your organization forward into a successful future?

  1. Decide to value yourself more highly- You are a person of value, you just need to buy in and believe it. Somewhere, someone needs what you have to give. Remind yourself daily of your worth.

  1. Decide to value others- Your atttiude about other people comes bursting through, whether you are aware or not, it does.  It’s very easy to determine what you think about other people and that will have a huge bearing on how successful you become at networking and connecting.

  2. Look for the gold- Decide everyone you meet has gold on the inside of them. Your objective is to find the gold, no matter how much dirt you have to move, you become relentless in finding the valuable resource others can provide.

  1. Shift your attitude to positive regarding networking- You make the quality decision that no matter what happens you will be relentlessly positive. The outcome of the process or event does not matter, whatever will be will be! This puts you into a stronger position, rather than being negative or expecting a negative outcome.

  1. Believe that networking makes you better- This is possibly the best by-product of networking. Besides making connections which make your goal achievement easier, the networking process helps you learn so much about yourself and your personal approach to others, it can be a large part of your personal development program. Commit yourself to get better each time you have a networking opportunity. Set goals and outcomes for yourself to grow and connect on each networking journey.

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