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What’s Your Answer? 20 Questions for You, The CEO

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know some of the most powerful questions I ask some of my CEO clients? You could take the time to think about your answers and work on these as a great strength-building development exercise. Well, I thought it would be helpful to you, so I’m sharing this list of twenty out of the hundreds of questions I have developed over the years as a CEO Coach to help challenge my client’s thinking and goal-setting plans.

How would you answer any or all of them? I would love it if you would share some of your answers in the comments and perhaps, in the future, we will share all the answers in an updated blog post. If any or all of these create some pain when you read them, that is a sure-fire indicator that you need to work on that one!

  1. What will this be the year of for you and/or your company?

  2. What will be your Top 5 yearly, quarterly, monthly & daily Top 5 Priorities this year?

  3. What will you no longer tolerate in your life and/or business this year?

  4. Are all your organizational processes running without drama & driving profitability?

  5. As a leader, what is your main message?

  6. What are the weaknesses of your organization that are not likely to change?

  7. What relationships are in your life or business you need to eliminate, regulate or cultivate?

  8. Will you choose today to confront your problems no matter what they are with confidence to solve them?

  9. Are you challenged enough?

  10. Do you need an outside coach or advisor without an agenda to help you with perspective, lower bias & honest viewpoints?

  11. Is your company mission one in which you can make a significant difference?

  12. What are the Top 3 strengths/talents you like to use?

  13. What have been the results of your last 3 big decisions?

  14. What results does my company have to achieve to make a difference?

  15. How can our Executive team inject fun into what we are doing and have that fun cascade through the organization?

  16. What expectations does my board have of me and my team?

  17. Who is our customer?

  18. What does our customer value the most?

  19. Can we identify how we will turn our plan into specific results for growth & productivity?

  20. Are we staffed with the right people in the right seats doing the right things to execute our plan?

Can you answer these 20 questions from a CEO Coach?

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