• Tony Richards

Why I Write

I hope George Orwell will be forgiving of me for using his famous book title. While I was on the road this week, I jotted down in my journal some of the reasons why I write blogs, posts, articles, columns and books.

It’s good to think about why you do certain things. After looking at my list, I am more certain than ever of why I write.

1. Because one day I will be gone, and I would like there to be a record of what I was thinking when I was here 2, Because I have thoughts and ideas I want to express 3. Because I want to add value to people 4. Because I want to share with the world some of the things I have learned 5. Because if I write down the thoughts and ideas in my head, they won’t get lost there 6. Because the faintest ink is better than the best memory-Chinese Proverb 7. it gives me something to reflect on now and in the future

What are some of the reasons why you write?

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