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Why should leaders be trained?

I often get asked about the benefits of training and coaching when talking to potential clients.

How is this going to help us? What is this going to do for us?

My belief is that there are smart people everywhere and there are hardly any really new ideas. Someone, somewhere has pioneered it, modified it, perfected it and produced results with it. Or…they didn’t and they don’t do it. Our leadership training programs are modeled after the most successful people and programs who have achieved results and we’ve out them into use in companies we’ve managed, our own companies and our client’s companies.

We know our programs work if our clients work our programs.

Let’s me give you an example of one particular place we’ve pulled ideas and research.

General Electric is the largest company in the world. It’s prior successes are legendary and it’s history is hardly matched, beginning with being founded by the famous inventor Thomas Edison and his creations, most famously, the light bulb. General Electric began in a small barn in 1899 and has grown into a global congomerate by being a leader. Leadership is a true core value at GE. One of the many leaders at Clear Vision we’ve studied intently is Jack Welch, former CEO of GE from 1981 to 2011. Jack was instrumental in making leadership training imperative at GE. It’s often said lower level managers at GE could be CEO at other companies.

Boiling down the research we’ve done and incorporated into our leadership training program for our clients, here’s a quick snapshot of what GE believes in training it’s leaders.

  1. The leadership team immerses itself in learning, coaching and training with an outside catalyst.

  2. The leadership team teaches and passes down training and coaching to their team and reports working with the outside catalyst.

  3. The leadership team invites their teams in for co-training at least twice a year.

  4. The leadership team keeps ongoing feedback going between themselves, the team and the outside catalyst.

Clear Vision Development Group has taken these solid principles from GE and along with similar type great information and data from others we’ve studied and then acting as an outside catalyst for our clients, we’ve helped develop our clients to produced the results they are seeking.

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