• Tony Richards

Why We Don’t Do Tests

There’s no such thing as a personality test.

For one thing, you cannot measure someone’s personality, so there can be no “test” for it.

For another, people think certain behavioral results are carrots and the “test” is a stick.

In other words, if they don’t get the desirable results or as they say “pass”, then there’s trouble ahead. This creates a lot of anxiety around taking an assessment.

That’s why it’s not a test. It’s an assessment. There’s no pass or fail.

It’s not a stick weapon to use against a person. It’s helpful data.

A test will offer a result of pass or fail. You buy a pregnancy test. You take it. You are pregnant or you are not. You passed or failed, depending on your perspective.

An assessment is considered diagnostic, it offers information related to the participant’s strengths and weaknesses based on the participant’s performance.

At our company, our philosophy on selecting talent or on developing talent is not a pass/fail proposition. It is a continuing process using the most accurate and recent data available.

There will always be those out there who say they give “tests”.

We will never be one of them.

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