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Your Communication Can Affect Your Personal Brand

There is a lot of talk about personal brand these days. One of the ways you can damage your reputation, or your personal brand is through your communications habits and techniques. Here is a list that will hopefully help:

  1. Your reputation (personal brand) has as much impact on your total life as what you actually do skill-wise does.

  2. One of the biggest levers that moves your reputation from good to bad and otherwise is how and what you communicate.

  3. First impressions about you are sticky and difficult to change and much of that comes from your early communication style and message.

  4. The single best way to improve your personal brand is to improve everything about the way you communicate.

  5. We live in an “experience economy” which means the way we make people feel carries much more weight than the actual things we do. Words are powerful tool in this equation.

  6. The most powerful thing you can do when meeting new people or going into a new organization is to take effective steps to make sure your communication is positive and real.

  7. Your digital footprint on social media, the history of what you’ve said and done online has tremendous impact on your personal brand.

  8. Communication include social media, speaking, listening, conversations and interactions, e-mail, etc. The sum total of all these make a huge impact on your personal brand.

Your reputation (personal brand) has as much impact on your total life as what you actually do skill-wise does

9 Things You Need to Avoid That Can Damage Your Personal Brand in Communicating:

  1. Rushed conversations

  2. Poor listening

  3. Being rude or cutting people off in mid-sentence

  4. Watching your computer or mobile device when they are talking

  5. Giving unsolicited advice

  6. Always bringing up mistakes or failures without balance of successes or wins

  7. Taking phone calls or texting in the middle of meetings

  8. Having side conversations in meetings

  9. Having too much sarcasm

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