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Your First Move Toward Mastery

This is another entry in this series about becoming the best at what you do. For many people, they spend a lot of time dreaming and thinking about doing what they know and possibly believe they are called to do. They think about what it would be like and they dream dreams about what it would be like. This habit is good, and you need to do it, however, many folks get caught in the trap of ONLY doing that. You have to put some action with your thoughts and dreams.

Often what keeps the thinking and dreaming stage in perpetual motions is the notion of preparing for actually launching into the true calling. We start thinking about who or what could possibly prepare us for the action. What class could we take? What school could we attend? What certifications do I need? These are all fine tools to pursue, but the actual truth is this: You need to begin doing.

You need to face your biggest fear of all, which is actually taking action toward your true authentic self. And here's a clue for you, if it's actually what you are destined and called to do, it will scare you some. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking foolish, fear of loneliness, all these and more will invade your emotions. There will be the fear of pursuing your calling and not receiving the approval of the group who already does what you are about to begin. Here's a tip that will take you a long way: they won't. Not at first, because they have those same fears.

Here's a big one: when you are contemplating first taking action toward your true self, you begin to have thoughts about actually having to live up to who you really are and what you are truly capable of. Guess what? If you truly want to live in the upper section of the craft you are called to pursue, you must stop living by the opinions of others. You have to break out of the box that defines how you should look, what you should do, and who you ought to be. Leave the irrational and inauthentic expectations of others. Start setting and keeping your own realistic expectations of yourself.

Finally, you must stop procrastinating and allowing fear to block you from taking your first steps toward your authentic self. Break the paralysis and start taking action. Yes, stop the endless search for the first step and take it. Do it. Move toward where you know deep in your soul that you should be. As long as you wait to take action, you are imprisoning yourself in a box you are not supposed to be living and working in. You will remain someone other than who you are really supposed to be.

Stop that and start making the first move. A movement is not in your head, it is an action of some kind. Take action now.

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