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Your Potential Is Waiting To Be Developed

Potential is always present inside you, waiting to be exposed. Potential has a voice that speaks to you making demands that you never settle for what you feel you have accomplished. You have accomplishments that are waiting to be mined, worked on and worked out. You must never accept your perceived success as a lifestyle, but rather perceive it as a stage.

I was talked with a young athletic coach today at the gym, and she was telling me that she had research today to do for her masters’ degree and she couldn’t wait to be finished. I politely encouraged her with “you will never be finished, you will just be completing this stage”. She immediately agreed and became energized. Always focus on completing the process you are working on, but be aware more stages, phases, cycles and seasons are yet to come, to quote the famous Willie Nelson.

Today is my birthday, another milestone in which to use as a cue to remind myself what my life’s mission is, what my vision for that life is to accomplish and what my values are in which to operate my life every day. I also took 20-30 minutes this morning to review my gratitude list for continuously reminding myself of the multitude of blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to have in my life these something something years. 🙂

You should never accept an accomplishment as the end, just the next step, a mile-marker in your life long process of living. The minute we begin to settle and be happy with what we’ve accomplished, we lose the possibility of revealing the rest of what lies dormant inside us. How many people can you list that passed from this life without developing all their talents and gifts? Many thoughts, ideas, and possibilities are never used or given to our generation and future generations. We are like batteries in devices that are never utilized and our potential is wasted.

Challenges to Consider:

  1. How can you spend more time thinking? Some people need alone time to re-charge or explore their inner selves. If you don’t actively plan for it, no one is going to give it to you. If you don’t actively plan for it, the television or something else will steal it from you. Your thinking/exploration time is precious time.

  2. Take a few calculated risks. Each week do something to stretch yourself and your abilities. The very thing you are afraid to do is the thing you should do a little of right off the bat. You know what it is. Remember, slow and sure wins the race.

  3. How can you be a little different? Leaders, by definition are different from the crowd. Accept nothing less than improvement for yourself and your life, you are so worth it.

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