Brand Development

Brand is your evidence of distinction and the consumer’s gut feeling about your business.

The reason so many businesses fail is because they don’t take a deep look and answer the questions that matter. In our brand development program, we start with the most important question. The why. Your brand begins with truth, the reason you started your business in the first place. Your brand must be embodied in your culture and lived by each individual.

It all starts with a special discovery session we call Turning the Telescope™. We look into the heart of your business and find its very soul. Our proprietary processes take a look inside the company to discover their differentiating properties that can be leveraged to grow the brand and stand out in the market.

Brand Development is different than Branding.

The difference between brand and branding is simple. Branding is tactical; it’s your advertisements, the look of your logo, the tagline you choose, while brand is strategic. Specifically, brand is the strategy behind your business. It is the heart of your business, the meaning behind it all, the culture and value by which the company is based upon. It is the evidence of distinction, the differentiating property that is leveraged to stand out in the market.