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2 Reasons Leaders Don’t Learn

Leaders who are learning share at least one thing in common.

They are constantly finding out things they don’t know.

They are constantly uncovering new knowledge that can possibly overturn what they previously thought or believed.

This scares some away from developing a high performance learning organization.

There are two primary reasons leaders don’t learn:

1. Ego

Why should I learn when I know all I need to know? Ego is a blinder, it keeps you from processing information. It stops you from seeing the world as it is or as it could possibly be. Ego keeps these leaders in their safe, comfort zone of the previously known. Learning new things also makes you responsible for it. Some would rather not know than be accountable.

2. Fear

I had a leader at one time who worked for me who was scared to death of computers. He was a great guy, cared about his people, but was just terrified of putting his hand on a mouse, He eventually conquered the fear and moved on. Fear will make you have all kinds of visions of failure. It will keep you from learning what you need to learn to move on to high levels of success.

Make certain you maintain the mindset of learning. In today’s environment, we have opportunities to learn daily.

And that helps us grow daily.

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