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Does Anyone Want To Be Average?

What is average? If you listen to any media newscast or read any news article, you will notice they will more of than not communicate statistics in averages and percentages. Besides leading you to settling for less than you should, averages can be deceiving. For instance, would you attempt to walk across a river which is on average four feet deep? This river might be shallow for some stretches but it also might be 20 feet deep in the middle. Dealing in averages is a risky proposition because they often mask the over and under on things.

Being average goes against everything your parents tried to teach you. You’ll recall that in school a C grade stood for average. Did you receive lots of glowing praise and a special party for all of your C grade classes? Not likely. More often than not, they probably demanded to know what happened to you in those classes and why did you only get a C?

A handful of actors in the motion picture industry take home more than 10 million a year in earnings while thousands and thousands live hand to mouth. Would you advise someone to get into acting since the average wage is pretty awesome? No, of course not. The only way you would advise them to enter the industry is if their intention is to be the best.

Does anyone want an average job? An average house? Have an average income? Marry an average spouse? Have average kids? Eat average meals in average restaurants and see average movies?

Does anyone want an average life?

How do you avoid being average or below and make the move toward being the best?

You have to work hard every day to be the best at what you do. Endeavor to work with talented collaborators. Be a giver and help others. Some will disappoint you, but don’t let them change who you are. Make sure you combine your strengths to maximize them and hedge to minimize your weaknesses.

Winston Churchill famously told us that sometimes even our best is not good enough, but sometimes we have to do what it required of us. People who strive to do what is required typically end up being the best best category rather than the average.

After all, who wants to be average?

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