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Entry Interviews vs Exit Interviews

Shouldn’t we talk to people on their into our companies rather than on the way out?

Instead of trying to locate issues when people are on their way our of your organization, leverage the power of those who have not yet been oriented and assimilated.

When employees are in their first 90 days, they are tremendously valuable for insight. They have not yet settled into to how your company operates. They have not been assimilated into the culture yet. The culture has not taught them what is acceptable and what is not. Your company culture is so powerful it will provide the normal operating procedure of behaviors and attitudes in your organization. When people are in their first 90 days, they have not been “molded to the mean” of your company behavior.

Things you could be asking when people are new:

What things did you see that attracted you to our company?

What things do you see right away that need to be changed?

Also allow them to ask WHY things are being done the way they are.

Let them question everything with little to no resistance. If there are legit reasons why things are that way, explain in detail why. Don’t get frustrated, this is good for you and the organization.

Ask them for problems they see not for solutions.

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