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Exercise Helps Your Leadership

Albert Einstein walked everywhere he went. He said that walking helped him think.

Steve Jobs took walks every day. Even right up until the end of his life, Jobs walked regularly. In a recent interview, his best friend, Larry Ellison said they walked every time he visited Steve, throughout their entire friendship. The only difference was, toward the end of his life, the walks got shorter and shorter.

Exercise has been shown to release Endorphins, chemicals which get released into our bodies when we exercise. Endorphins help boost our thinking and elevate our moods. Endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain and reduce our perception of pain and trigger very positive feelings that contribute to a more optimistic outlook on life, our situations and business. There may be times where you feel stuck on a problem or something you have to create. Exercise can do wonders to help you power through to answers and new views.

Many leaders use excuses of not exercising, such as not having time or not wanting to go to the gym.

Don’t think in terms of an hour, think in terms of one-fourth of that amount of time. 15 minutes is a real key. People tend to think of activities they do in terms of hours. So, when exercise is mentioned, your brain thinks, “where will I get that hour from my day?” Studies have shown in many cases that any cardio exercise past the 30 minute mark doesn’t have much effect, so 15 minutes can be really effective.

The truth is, you can start exercising with just 15 minutes right outside your front door. As in the examples I gave of Einstein and Jobs, a short 15 minute walk can do wonders for your confidence, self-esteem, creativity and energy levels.

You are a better leader when you feel good. You are a better leader when you have energy. Energy enables you to focus better, listen better and be physically present. The people you lead recognize the difference in you when you are more proficient in these powerful tools.

Action Steps:

– Go outside, take a walk around your block – Walk up or down the stairs at work rather than take the elevator – Go to the park and walk – Walk to the store or another chore close by instead of taking the car – Clean your house – Walk your dog

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