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Growth Hurts

Any kind of growth has a pain that accompanies it.

I just had shoulder surgery last Friday. I had a torn rotator cuff and a bone spur on my left shoulder removed. So now I am on the road to recovery.

And…it hurts.

It hurts because it is in the process of healing. Just as this is the case with my physical shoulder, we all hurt while we heal. We all hurt while we grow.

As I am exercising my shoulder, it feels like it’s not supposed to bend or extend that way. The same thing is true as you grow as a leader and as a person. It’s all about alignment. My shoulder spends a good amount of time right now being supported by a sling. So when I take it out of the sling and start moving it around, it isn’t used to it. When you start developing skills and behaviors that you haven’t been accustomed to utilizing, the same thing happens. It doesn’t feel like it should go that way or be that way. Just as in my physical therapy you continue to do it until it becomes natural to you.

I know for some it is not natural to read something every day. Just as it’s painful for me to slip off my sling and begin to exercise my arm, my elbow and my shoulder, it may be difficult and painful for you to set aside time to spend reading something at least once per day to grow your intellectual capacity and your knowledge. If you don’t do it though, just like my shoulder, your mind will become stiff and the intellectual capital you have becomes stale.

I know for some it is not natural to review you assessment tool every day. I was never aware of how many things I used my left arm and shoulder for. This becomes apparent when you have limitations with it. Your assessment tool reveals things about you that are strengths, but also limitations. When I exercise my shoulder and arm now, I find those boundaries and limitations painful and to regain proper use of them, I have to push through those limits so they will become limber and agile again. An assessment tool can help you see where your limitations and boundaries are as you begin to work those limits, you become more nimble and agile in your behavior and therefore, more effective. The more you review this material, the more your awareness rises. The more your awareness rises, the more you can regulate yourself to stay in your power and productive zone.

It’s not easy. It takes dedication and resolve to do the things we seem to not want to do in order to be more if what we truly can be.

Hang in there, I will continue to do my exercises and you continue to do yours and we will both be better and stronger.

Some questions to ponder:

1. What is the most difficult thing for you to do that you know would add to your growth?

2. Is it harder to actually do the thing or adjust your mind to think positively about doing the thing?

3. How do you feel about letting your pain of doing the thing you need to do stop you of being who and what you could & should be?

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