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Hire High Potential People

Great leaders hire people who have the potential to be better than they are.

Not every leader has the passion and drive to develop other people. Leading or perhaps, managing is enough for them.

What makes a leader want to develop other leaders?

It nay be the parental component which has been placed inside each of us as human beings.

Once you make the transition into leadership in relation to teaching and coaching people, you start to hunger for their success. You feel that parental feeling. You begin to realize you, your team and your organization have a much better chance of success in relation to having the best people.

One of my favorite sayings is you can’t win the Super Bowl without high quality players.

It is certainly not true in every instance, but in most instances, the team with the best players does win.

Nothing can take the place of talent.

Not strategies, or tactics or interesting manuervers or ad campaigns. Nothing replaces talent and you biggest competitive advantage as a leader will always be how well and how fast you can develop it in your people.

Some of the greatest joy you will ever feel will be when you see them succeed in areas which would not have been possible without your guidance and help.

Some of your greatest and deepest pain will come when they tell you you are no longer needed.

Just like parenting, the journey in developing them is still very much worth it.

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