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Honesty Is The Best Policy For Leadership Growth

This week my schedule is cranking back up after a long and wonderful holiday break. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to speak to two groups of wonderful leaders this week about why and how leaders grow and why it is so important. I am always energized by the excitement and passion these great people exhibit about growing themselves into becoming more outstanding leaders, not only for themselves but for the other people they have the opportunity to influence.

It comes down to this:

Leaders must be honest with themselves if they want to grow.

As a leader you must understand what you can do, what you can’t do, what is within your ability to grow into and what isn’t.

Leaders always examine themselves and look what at what they are doing now and what they could be doing better. At the same, don’t beat yourself up with criticism and negativity, that does nothing but sabotage your future success. You should face the facts with a positive attitude and focus on the strong points you have and the gaps you may need to fill or you may need to leave to someone better equipped. Remember, perfection is a false ideal and will lead you to being disappointed.

No leader in this world is perfect. Give up on that idea! As a matter of fact, many times your mistakes and shortcomings become great learning opportunities for you which propel your progress forward. Just be realistic about where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go.

It’s sometimes difficult but make a deal with yourself and insist that you will not let yourself down when it comes to being honest and accountable to yourself. Many times, you are the most important person you will ever talk with! Keep yourself accountable for your growth plan and for keeping your behavior in line with the values you hold as important. This is sounds easy, but when the pressure is turned up and the heat is on, what choices will you make? This is where true self-accountability is tested.

What can you do in a self-analysis to take inventory of what you do well, what needs to be improves and what needs to be let go?

What are some situations you can journal about in which you kept a commitment to yourself and ones in which you let yourself down? What were the driving forces for each?

What obstacles are currently in your way to becoming the leader you want to be?

What else can you add to my list of questions or comments about being honest with yourself as a leader?

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