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Life & Business Hacks To Bust Complexity

Let’s get this right. Our lives do not have to be complex, they can be simple. We are complex, and since we are the creators of our own situations, we tend to allow our own complexities to seep out and into our lives.

Over time, we make our lives more difficult and complex. This causes us to lose touch with who we really are and what we really need to be happy and productive.

Here are some ideas on hacking through the complexity of the programs we have set up for our lives to increase simplicity:

1. Don’t Try To Be A Mind Reader

Everything would simplify if we reduce our untrue assumptions. Many times our assumptions are negative and the more of our thought bandwidth they consume, the more we get worked up and worn down. It’s simpler and easier to communicate instead of trying to mind read.

2. Don’t Try To Be Friends With Everyone

True relationships take a lot of time, thought and energy. When you try to commit to too many people, you end up with competing commitments that will drain your time, thoughts and energy. You need about 5 true, realistic friend relationships that you can cherish, build and work on. Connections don’t take this much time and energy.

3. Live Your Budget

When our resources get short and out of control, it plays on our thoughts and feelings. Devise your budget and become zen about it. It doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want, just plan for it and put it in the plan. You will feel better and have more peace of mind when you are in control of this piece of your life and business.

4. Let Some Things Go

Some things we have held on to need to be released. They are not changing and our focus on them isn’t hurting anyone but us and worse, it isn’t helping. What do you just need to release?

5. Get Yourself Organized

A big time waster is trying to locate stuff when you need it. Also, too much stuff around you and your work space creates clutter stress. When you think mess and you feel mess…guess what? You become a mess. Clean it up! Get rid of stuff you haven’t looked at in years and you never use.

6. Get Comfortable With Being Yourself

Stop trying to win approval from everyone in your life. When people genuinely care and value people, you won’t have to feel as if you have to create that value constantly on your own. You can’t imagine how much time and energy this takes. Well, maybe you can. Just do what you know is right and be good with it.

7. Do Things You Can Do In 2 Minutes Immediately

If it takes just a couple of minutes, just do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Make the phone call. Place the order. Respond to the e-mail. Go for execution, not perfection. Don’t procrastinate on things that take just a couple of minutes.

What other things could you use to hack complexity, build your energy and get more done?

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