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Move The Needle, Not Turn Up The Volume

Some people measure the success of their day by how much they get accomplished.

In other words, by sheer volume. As is being super busy equals being super productive.

Effective people measure the success of their day by the quality of what gets accomplished.

Their measure of success is how effectively what they did moved the needle of the company or their goals forward.

Research has shown multitasking results in mediocre outcomes. By putting too little attention on too many things, none of them get done very well or effectively move the needle. I wouldn’t recommend trying to single-task your big list either. Single-tasking is too slow to help you success in today’s fast paced world.

Ask yourself this key question–> What are the key tasks that will create the most value and move the needle for me and/or my company?

Prioritize value over volume. Sharpen your focus to tasks that really matter, increase the quality and value of your work. Put all those other tasks that didn’t make your high-value list on a seperete “buffer list”, then schedule a “buffer block” to knock them all out at once. Outside of the “buffer block”, keep your work strategic and high value. If you have some thing that continually don’t make your high value list, you must start questioning if they need doing at all?

Keep your focus and execution on high value activities that help you move the needle and resist the temptation to crank up the volume.

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