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Taking Care Of You

You are the center of your influence. Whether it’s through your family, your business, your career, your church, whatever revolves around the center of your influence, You have responsibilities.

Those might include an entire cadre of responsibilities and tasks.

One of the most overlooked responsibilities is taking care of yourself. Stress is a silent killer today. People complain of stress more than almost any physical ailment. Stress is the open door to many early physical and mental ailments.

Sometimes when we are so goal oriented and so close to our dreams, they begin to totally occupy us. They begin to orchestrate us instead of us orchestrating them. One of the greatest benefits to being an entrepreneur or manager is the freedom of control.

You have to use this wisely.

The best way I’ve found to keep this control focused is to center it on myself first. The first person you have to focus is yourself. In addition to focusing on sales growth, cash flow growth, expense control and employee recruitment, focus on your down-time. Are you getting enough rest? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating right? Are you spending enough time with your family?

We’re each given an identical twenty four hours in each day. How we invest those hours if often a critical key in our success or failure. Strike a critical balance between your time in your business and your time for yourself. Everyone around will thank you for it.

You are a unique person. There’s nobody else quite like you. You are important to people for all sorts of reasons. As a husband or wife. As a father or mother. As a provider. As a teacher or mentor. As an income source for your employees. As a leader in your community. As a provider of a product or service to your customers. As a critical cog in an economic machine.

Yes, you have many responsibilities.

However, your biggest responsibility is to take care of you.

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