• Tony Richards

The Pan We Use To Cook The Ham

Blockbuster used to exist because VHS tapes used to cost over 100 dollars.

Netflix now exists because they eliminated having to take the product back. Now it’s evolved for the customer to get immediate product without having to go get it or take it back.

Redbox still exists because not enough customers have advanced to the technology of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

But they will.

The reason your computer keyboard is arranged as it is is because original typewriters used to jam and they needed to rearrange the letters to keep common letters far apart.

No one has seen a need to change it….yet.

The reason kids get out of school in Summer is because they used to be farm help. Or because the schoolhouse was too hot with no air conditioning.

No one has seen a need to change it…yet.

There’s an old story about a Mom who was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her family. In preparing the ham for cooking she cut both ends off the ham. Her children asked her “why do you cut both ends off the ham, Mom?” “I don’t know, she replied, that’s how Mom taught me”. Later she asks her Mother the same question. “Why do we cut the ends off the ham, Mom?” “I don’t know” she replied. “That’s how my Mom taught me. Later she asks her Mom the same question. “Why do we cut the ends off the ham, Mom?” “Oh, honey” she said “Our pan was too small for the ham!”

As soon as we realize there’s a bigger and better pan, we change the way we cook the ham.

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