• Tony Richards

The Scheduling Strategy

Being an entrepreneur or executive is not easy, especially when it comes to focusing on the important and consistently executing.

Here’s a strategy you can use:

Make your schedule before you start.

Don’t deviate. Don’t let anxiety creep in. Don’t allow setbacks to throw you off track. Don’t check email unless it’s on your schedule. Don’t take a nap.

You’ve experienced getting into this rut before. Once you deviate from your schedule the first time, you train your brain that it’s ok.

You will use that route again and again after that.

I often tell my clients to schedule & buy their vacations plenty more n advance. They don’t cancel them & they do go. That’s the desired outcome, right?

The amazing Isaac Asimov used this same strategy to write over 400 books!

Imagine what you can do with a focused schedule strategy like this.

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