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The Secret To Big Change

Why doesn’t massive, awesome strategy get implemented and executed? Or..for that matter even mediocre to small plans?

Because human beings have to execute and implement.

You download new updates to computers and smart phones then instantly press a button to implement and execute. People don’t function that way. You are much better off revealing the short-end of your plan, say 90 to 180 days and then the incremental steps to get to that end.

This is the way to get increased sales, profits, redcution in weight or increase in exercise.

Short term plans and small incremental steps. Change is not an event, it’s a process with steps. If you can get yourself and others to take action in steps every day and every week, you can get massive change in months and quarters.

Make the amount of change you are asking for much smaller.

In other words, map out baby steps.

If you want to work out for three hours a week at the gym, don’t make your goal to work out three times a week. How about making the goal to drive to the gym and step inside the door for ten seconds three times a week. The hardest part is not working out, the hardest part is showing up.

If taking baby steps doesn’t work, how can you make the steps even smaller? Perhaps….micro steps?

The key to change is to have small steps that can be repeated over and over, increasing them a little at a time. The key to change is initiating very small goals. Once you divert and re-direct the inertia of change, then you can raise the goals enough to be useful, but not intimidating.

The course of a river is changed slightly every day but the map is changed massively over time.

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