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You Can’t Assume They Understand

Leaders get tired.

Leaders get bored.

You’ve delivered the core message to the troops over and over. You keep talking the Core Ideology. You keep finding creative ways to talk about the mission. You share stories that illustrate how the mission is being lived out in the lives of ordinary people. You find new compelling ways to cast the vision. You live out the core values and talk about them in meetings. You keep talking about the key objectives you achieve this year. You keep talking about why you are doing business the way you are.

You can never assume they understand any of it.

You have become the leader because of your focus and dedication to the fundamental ideas that drive your organization. They are written in your mind and across your heart. Not everyone in your organization shares that distinction. That is why you must continue to find ways to keep yourself from thinking they’ve got it now.

They do not.

Keep relentlessly preaching the message.

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