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Journal Like A CEO (EBook)

Journal Like A CEO (EBook)

Journal Like a CEO: 365 Day Guide to Career Success Through Journaling


Right now…


you have over 365 of the most powerful questions I’ve ever assembled, designed and tested for the sole purpose of producing the life of your dreams.


Amazing lives don’t just happen – they take work. They require examination and documentation. As Socrates told us so long ago, the unexamined life is not worth living… and the best way I’ve found to examine one’s life is through journaling.


Spanning more than 34 years and over 200 clients, I’ve assembled a toolbox of thought-provoking questions, designed to pull from you your deepest hopes, dreams and desires that will start you on your own personal journey of self-discovery and adventure.


It’s just you, me, and your journal. No one is watching or judging…  and you’ll be surprised at just how much these simple questions will bring to life what’s deep inside. Things you forgot you ever wanted or thought or felt. Things that will become the building blocks of your best years yet.

As you choose your journal, I want to encourage you to make it your own from the moment you lay eyes on it. Choose what feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be formal or big or official or perfect. It just needs to be right for you and to feel comfortable in your hands. Give this a chance and your first journal will not be your last.


There is something magical about taking a thought out of the realm of the invisible and turning it into a real, physical thing. You have that power – the power to create.


Download the first chapter: 


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