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The Big Idea: 52 Ways To Be A Better Leader Now (EBook)

The Big Idea: 52 Ways To Be A Better Leader Now (EBook)

Leadership development starts with THE BIG IDEA

52 weeks of leadership development


Tony's leadership development book includes weekly focus points and actions steps

In The Big Idea: 52 Ways to be a better leader now, Tony Richards provides expert advice to executives, managers and entrepreneurs on the subject of leadership development.


This leadership development book is structured so you can use it as a weekly self improvement session or at your own pace. Some of the points you may need less than a week to work on while others may need more time. Each Big Idea comes with suggested focus points and action steps for you to think about and implement.


The Big Idea is broken down into 4 major categories: Leading yourself, leading others, leading your organization, leading your community.


The reason for this progression is because you can't lead anyone else until you lead yourself.

Let Tony Richards help launch you forward in leadership development with these 52 BIG ideas.


About the Author

Business consultant, Tony Richards, has lead companies to new heights and coached thousands of executives to record-setting performances. His passion for leadership development makes Tony one of the most trusted and effective leaders in his field.

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