• Tony Richards

3 Sides Of A Great Brand

Top quality brands are based on the time, work and sweat put into developing them.

Side 1: The Brand Promise. This is the focused answer to the customer-based question, “if I engage in a relationship with you, what can I expect?” This answer is the essence of your brand and of your relationship to the customer.

Side 2: The Brand Attributes. These are the tangible features that customers experience. It is the essence of how the company delivers the brand promise.

Side 3: The Brand Personality. This is expressed by the human characteristics that the brand takes on, and represents the emotional connection between the client and the brand. These can be: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication or perhaps ruggedness.

The synergistic interaction of these three sides working together to help companies deliver a powerful, focused, consistently brand-aligned experience to all audiences. The key is to align every significant point of customer contact with the Brand Promise. All points of contact should reinforce the promise and the desired experience.

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