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Communicate Your Strategy Clearly

Research has shown that less than 25% of employees actually understand their organization’s strategy.

Many do not believe there are goals for their company at all and most don’t feel that they are prepared for the challenges we’ll face in business in the next decade. If business leaders don’t communicate (and remember communication is made up of two parts: transmission and reception) how can people be motivated or even know how they are supposed to contribute?

Some questions and thought-starters:

  1. Does everyone understand the mission, values and vision for the organization?

  2. Are there Vital Few Objectives that are clearly communicated and does everyone understand their part to play in achieving them?

  3. Are these items communicated multiple times and in multiple ways frequently?

  4. Do you have your resources aligned to support these plans?

  5. Does everyone understand the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) associated with each VFO?

  6. Is your training aligned with the results you are trying to achieve?

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