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Listening To Customer Interactions

You should at random times pay attention to every possible conversation that happens during the entire process that your customers pass through in dealing with your company.It is important to truly understand what’s driving your customers’ actions. For example, what is the real reason they are contacting you with queries? Observing the customer interactions might also help you understand why the are buying or why they are not buying your product or service. It can, at times, also help you understand their perceptions and habits regarding their participation with you. Finally, you can get a real handle on how well your people interact with your customers.

Do your employees add or subtract value when they talk to customers? Is your phone answered by a live person or by auto-attendant in three rings or less? Call your office, find out what is said when the phone is answered OR Have someone call your office and ask a question to see what the response might be. How do your sellers on the floor in B2C or in B2B situations approach a customer? When is the last time your rewarded someone for outstanding customer service? When is the last time you gave your staff some customer service notes or training?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

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